Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Perfect Summer Dress

Let's talk about my current favorite summer dress, shall we? I bought this months ago, back when first launched (great online store by the way!). But it wasn't until recently that I finally whipped this out of my closet. I'm not the biggest fan of going braless - which is absolutely necessary with this dress due to the back - but I have to say I still feel really comfortable and confident when wearing this. Also, I just freakin' love this color, even though it might not scream summer :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer in a bottle

Loving perfumes but also getting a headache from them, is a bit of a stupid combination. I would love to be that person that wears scents on a daily basis, however, most of them give me a severe headache within minutes and it usually lasts throughout the entire day. So generally I tend to stay away from perfumes, but I've been on a bit of mission to find some summer-y ones that I can wear without feeling like having to chop my head off instantly.
Luckily for me, Beach by Bobbi Brown seems to be one of those.

The Bobbi Brown website says it's "designed with a (...) blend of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin", however, Summer in a bottle describes this perfectly. I mostly smell sunscreen which I believe is a love or hate thing, and well, I happen to love it. One sniff of this takes you to summer days on a sandy beach by the ocean. It's not fruity or sweet or any of the typical perfume notes, thus unlike anything I've ever smelt and just so, so lovely. Most importantly for me: no headaches so far, so I know what I'll be wearing all summer long!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MAC Beauty Powder + FOTD

My sister, being the (sometimes) awesome sister she is, got me a couple of MAC goodies that I wanted to talk about today.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus (Link!) - Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine (Link!) - Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Spontaneous (Link!)

Now the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is nothing sensational, it has however become my go-to setting powder so a back-up for when I run out of my current one is always nice to have! It gets the job done perfectly, setting and mattifying while still keeping your face natural looking.

Far more exciting for me is their new Beauty Powder which I believe is from a current Limited Edition. It's definitely too dark and shimmery to be a powder, so "blush / highlight" would've been a better fit :) I like the fact that the shimmer is not too obnoxious and that the color doesn't turn too orange or muddy on the face. It gives you that perfect sun kissed - "I just got back from my California trip (when I really didn't)" - look and I LOVE it! Whilst I usually have to apply 3 products (bronzer, blush and highlighter), I just had to swipe this one product all over the place and that was that! I should probably add that I am vampire-like pale, so maybe this won't suffice as blush for everyone.

The glossiness of their Patentpolish Lip Pencils is something that will never cease to amaze me! I did a review on a couple of different colors a little while ago (Link!), and just like I mentioned there, I still think they're a good lip product, but nothing extraordinarily brilliant. They are really glossy and creamy and feel lovely, but they are quite sheer and won't last on your lips for too long. I was really looking forward to this plum color, but on my lips it just turned out as 'your lips but better'.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016!

2015 was a shitty year blogging-wise, no doubt about that. Especially towards the end of the year I just got too busy and distracted with.. well, life. So much was going on so I thought I'd give a quick update! 

First of all, meet COOKIE!
                                                               What a flattering photo of me :)

Cookie's our new 10 week old Havanese puppy and I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any cuter than her. These last two weeks with her have probably been the most exhausting ones of my life, trying to get her housebroken and to not chew the cables, and trying to figure out boring stuff like insurance. She is the fluffiest puppy ever though, so it's all good :)
I turned 21 a day after we got her, but we were all so occupied with her it actually turned out to be the most unspectacular birthday ever.

A couple of days after that I finally went ahead and got my very first tattoo! I've been wanting this specific tattoo on this specific spot for well over 2 years now but somehow this was like a dentist's appointment that you just keep putting off and off.. until now! It's a lily which is a symbol of Bosnia where I'm originally from. Cause, you know, I need a tattoo to remember my roots and all.. :)

I'm not a big fan of resolutions (mainly because I simply know that I won't be able to stick to them for longer than 3 days max) but I really do hope I can bring myself to sit down and update this little blog of mine more often :)
I hope everyone's had great holidays and is ready for this new year, I know I am! I have a feeling that 2016 is gonna be a good one with many exciting changes for me.

I did get a few makeup bits and a MAC gift card which means even more makeup so expect a haul and some reviews soon!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Long time no see & sadly I have ZERO excuses this time, so let's just move on.. :)
I wanted to post this fall OOTD before winter officially arrived, which - according to the snow flakes my weather app - will be tonight.

This black dress from Mango has been an absolute staple in my closet this fall - I love how you can simply pair it with different jackets, bags and shoes and create completely different outfits this way.
I just noticed that the leather jacket is also from Mango and this also has become a staple piece, especially for spring and fall.
Now on to the really exciting part - my purse. Handmade by my obviously extremely talented sister. She got obsessed with sewing several months ago and she's been making purses and makeup bags and dresses and all kinds of stuff - so awesome, I wish I had some kind of talent like that, ha.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Makeup (& Brush!) Madness

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to visiting my sister at the new MAC Pro Store that opened in Munich a little while ago. Initial plan was only saying hi and maybe joining her on her lunch break but she ended up talking me into buying not one, not two, but five new products. So let's have a look at what I got, yes?

 1. "Burgundy Times Nine" palette - This is actually my very first MAC palette and I freakin love it. It's got all the neutrals you would need on a daily basis and it's a good mixture between matte and shimmery shades. And it's such good value for money - I mean, 9 eyeshadows for 39€? Poppyseed (top middle) and Quarry (top right) have been my go-to sweep-all-over-the-lid choices whilst I've been sticking to the darker colors like Star Violet and Sketch (bottom middle and right) for blending in the crease and outer corner. In these pictures I'm also wearing Star Violet smudged along my lower lash line along with...

2. Fluidline Eye Pencil in Earth Sign - initially applied on my waterline and lower lash line this looked a bit dark and scary but blended out with Star Violet this is a perfect combo which really compliments green eyes especially.

3. Brow Set in Show Off - I'm on the fence about this as it's a gorgeous color but I find applying it difficult as hell. I'm used to using a clear brow gel where I don't have to be too careful as it's, you know, clear.. With this however I smudge it pretty much everywhere and afterwards I have to remove the smudges with a Q-tip and it's all a bit too much of a hassle for me personally so I'm not sure yet whether I really like this or not.

4. Lipglass in Spite - ohh this might be my favorite right after the palette. This is the perfect mauve shade and yes, it's a bit dark on a pale face like mine but that's what I absolutely love, especially now with fall right around the corner.

5. Cleanse Off Oil - again, not too sure about this product. Yes, it does a great job at removing makeup (even waterproof eyeliner and mascara is no problem!) - however, I'm not sure I actually like the fact that it's an oil. Using it and getting it out of the bottle is kind of messy and ugh, I don't know.. Good thing I got the travel sized version!

A bit off topic, but I've actually also started a process of slowly renewing my makeup brush collection. Whilst I do think that makeup brushes can get a bit expensive I also believe that it's a good investment as brushes are something that will last you for years and I definitely do think that you can tell a difference in the way makeup applies and looks on your face. Like I said, it's been a slow process, a new powder brush here, an eyeshadow brush there.. Getting to throw away the cheap not-so-great-quality shedding-like-hell brushes feels great though and this time, after leaving the MAC store, I went and bought these 2: the Zoeva #126 Luxe Cheek Finish that I use as a blush brush and #231 Luxe Petit Crease which has become my go-to brush for blending in the crease.
I find Zoeva brushes to be great value for money and whilst I went for the standard kind of brushes, they have the prettiest versions like these rose gold ones. *heart-eyed emoji*

So much makeup talk.. What have you gotten recently?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Brighton - Boots - Bliss

Just a little over a month ago I went on a whirlwind trip to Brighton. 

It's a beautiful town and all that - but let's focus on the real important stuff here: my first ever trip to Boots :) My 2009-just-discovering-youtube-beauty-videos self was more than excited to finally be able to check out all the brands that we don't have in Germany in person all these years later. I managed to limit myself to 3 products which I have to say I'm rather proud of.. so without further ado, here's what I got:

Sleek Makeup Face Form in Light: I LOVE this! Initially I was planning on getting the contour kit which  consists of the highlighter and bronzer only but the blush color was too pretty to pass up. It has tiny golden bits in it which are not too obnoxious once applied; the bronzer is the perfect natural shade and doesn't end up being too orange or muddy. When used with a light hand the highlighter is very natural and pretty as well.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: This is absolutely great for covering up red spots, however I do think that's it's a bit too much for under the eyes; I still prefer my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer for that area.

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara: The thought of this product getting dry/empty in a few weeks is causing some major anxiety because this is hands down the best mascara I've ever used and I can't get it anywhere in Germany. I guess I'll have to hunt it down somewhere online as it's super lengthening and volumizing and holds a curl really well throughout the day without being waterproof (I hate waterproof mascaras because of the removing-it-hassle in the evening :)

Also on my face:
- Clarins True Radiance Foundation mixed with Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation
- NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
- MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow
- Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (GREAT dupe for the Benefit They're Real Pushup Liner!)
- MAC Rebel lipstick
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